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EVENT: The Northern Battle(talion) Gathers for War Practice

His Grace, Duke Richard, Commander of the Northern Battle of the 
Atlantian Army, bids me inform all within the sound of my voice and for 
them to inform all to whom these words should be conveyed that:

	July 6th is a War Practice for the ENTIRE ATLANTIAN ARMY

Every lance of every Battle of the Army and supporting battalions are 
called to muster and practice field battle tactics.

A lance is a group of three to six heavy fighters supported by combat and 
target archers, rapier fighters, water bearers, armourers, grooms, 
whoever you wish to include as someone who helps you get out and fight 
for the Kingdom.

All the members of the group should be working on their livery, to 
identify their particular lance.  So if a knight leads a lance (the 
typical situation, in period) he and his squires and men-at-arms would 
have household tabards, while the other members of the lance might wear 
baldrics or badges of the group.

Baronies, I suspose, should organize their troops in lances, lead by 
champions, captains or leading squires, and have some sort of subunit 
identification (Some of our more militant baronies run rather more then 
six authorized heavy fighters, even after subtracting knight's households).

All members of the Atlantian Army are expected to wear Red Seahorse 
Unicornate badges on their helms (these can be purchased from the Thugs 
of Storvik, by the way).  Otherwise identification is by the household, 
group or barony, as is most appropriate.

I believe it is the Crown's and Their Graces desire that as many 
authorized fighters and their supporters as wish to, will organize and 
fight with the Atlantian Army.

I hope that I have been in Service

Leifr Johansson
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