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EVENT: The Northern Battle(talion) Gathers for War Practice

Frankly, even I am getting a little tired of this conversation....

Greetings to all the Patrons of the Merry Rose, I beg thee bear these 
words to your friends and acquaintences.

His Majesty, the good and gracious King Galmr (alliteration, don't you 
know) informs me that EVERY person authorized to fight in the Society of 
Creative Anachronism, or wishing to be authorized (In Atlantia, you still 
have to be a member of the SCA to get an authorization) is ASKED to attend 
War Practice.

Membership in the Atlantian Army is solely based on YOUR DESIRE to fight 
IN the army at Pennsic (though I recommend you come and practice for 
Pointless, too).  If you come to War Practice just for the melees, but 
you don't want to fight for the Crown, that's OKAY.  We would really like 
to see you there (Tuchux, Angelsey, Markland, Kinderfodder, Acre, Alaria,
Aethelmearc, East, etc, etc, etc,....

If you organize in lances with tabards and all, you will still be 
eligable for the A&S prize, even if you are NOT part of the Atlantian Army.

Remember the Atlantian Army will be fighting for the Middle this year.  
If you want to fight IN the army, even for just one battle at Pennsic, 
you should try to make it to War Practice.  If you are not fighting in 
the army, we would LOVE to sharpen our skills against you ;-).

In Service,
and bandwidth swallowing,
Leifr Johansson
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