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Re: INFO: seconjubin

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996 Rcardiff@aol.com wrote:

> Also, there is a stronger brew called Switchell that Brok came across in some
> Colonial US blacksmith research. It seems to be Seconjubin w/o the sugar.
> Shudder! Macho smith things I guess.

Not just a smith thing, I warrant.  I remember reading about some
similar sort of thing in, of all places, the Little House books.  They
took a mixture of water, vinegar, and ginger out to Pa in the fields,
beacuse the vinegar and ginger "warmed" the water so it wouldn't do
something (I forget exactly, curdle maybe?) to his stomach when he was
so hot...  Didn't make a great deal of sense to me at the time, but it
kind of does now.  Plain cold water sometimes bounces when you're
seriously hot!

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