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Coronation of TRH Logan & Arielle

Greetings from His Atlantian Royal Highness Logan Ebonwoulfe:

I am sending this post from Lord Michael Ryan of York's machine as Mine is busy.  The date has been set for Our Coronation as October 5th  and We have accepted a bid.  Coronation will be at King's Mountain in October (big surprise huh?)  at Camp York.  Eorl Syr Black Kane O'Shannon (that's his spelling) will be the Autocrat, Lord Michael Ryan will be in charge of the site, and Lord Naj will be Feastocrat. Much is planned and much is yet to be planned.  Rest assured that the day will be packed full of activities for everyone to participate in.  We are still looking for bids for Unevent, Crown, and 12th Night.  Please send those in to Us as soon as your group can get them ready.  Crown will be November 2nd and We will accept letters of intent until Our Coronation on October 5th.  I encourage everyone who is interested in fighting at Our Crown to get your letters out.  Include for you and your consort your SCA and Mundane names, your membership #'s, addresses, and something to the effect of "this is my letter of intent to fight in Your Crown Tournament on November 2nd" etc.  Remember that Our Crown will be open only to Novice fighters and their consorts.  A Novice fighter is one who has been authorized less than six months of less.  


ps By the way I hope that you all realize that the last two sentences are intended to be humorous and to elicit a chuckle from the reader and should by no means be taken seriously. <grin>

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