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Re: Discussion: netiquette (was re: young people)

Unto Tamira Andemar, greetings from Alfredo el Bufon!

I noted the following with distress:

> [...] My reputation was called into question and I have been
> not too subtlely informed that even the dimmest of dullards
> knows where and when he is neither wanted nor welcome.
> I am unsubscribing to the list....I was unaware that Atlantia
> was this type of place.

You are wanted and welcome at the Merry Rose by me, at least,
and many another, too, I warrant.  Please come back.

> I *ASSUMED* that having been a member of the list for a while
> that it was appropriate for me to respond in a joking manner
> to what I assmed from the header to be an amusing subject.

Well, sometimes the old MR is a tough room.  *I* got your joke.
Now, I pray you, shrug off the flames you have suffered as but
another joke, one so subtle that even the perpetrators did not
see the humor in it.  Think of it: they _flame_ you because
they thought you weren't playing nicely?  If you're in a mellow
enough frame of mind, that can be as funny as one country invading
another to prevent territorial aggression.

Again, I entreat you.  Please reconsider.

-- Alfredo
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