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Discuss: Heraldry question

Greetings everyone,

     I just read a post from someone whose title is "The Honourable Lord..." 
and cleverly deleted the message before realizing that I had a question.  He 
stated that he uses the title since it annoys the heralds saying it isn't done 
in Atlantia.  I know that the title is not given in this Kingdom and believe it 
is a western thing(West, Caid and An Tir I believe and maybe a couple of 
others).  Just because Atlantia does not give this title does that mean that I 
as a herald do not use this honorific to introduce him on the tourney field or 
in court?  Or do we use the title since it is what was given him by another 
Kingdom?  My inclination is to use the title since it would be rude of me to 
second guess any Royalty.  Any thoughts, please?  Thank you in advance.

Sean MacKay
Once Pursuivante Extrordinaire trying to get back into doing heraldry.
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