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Re: MR: Banter: Water

> ><Kevin grabs Miriam's hand..> 
> > 
> >Nay, my lady.. allow me to do that. 
> > 
> ><Kevin puts the buckets away that he brought in and starts to 
> >mop.> _____                                           

> Lord Kevin is Right my lady Please sit 
> <Stands Up Offers Chair> 
> For once let us take care of you... 
> <Leaps over bar> 
> Dear Lady some swet wine, for such a sweet Lady? 
>Gruffudd ap Cadfael

I thank you, Kind and Gentle Lords!  Most Gracious of you!  Perhaps someone 
else could favour us with a song to cheer us...?  Is it not a fine thing when 
we all can enjoy good company and good cheer?  Come, Lady Louise, take a seat 
here by the....er, nice roast here.  And join me in a cup of wine?  

Miriam R.

Miriam Rachael bat Mordecai | Purpure on a bend Or,
akaThe Intriguing Miriam    | between two swans naiant
Isenfiri-In-Exile           | respectant, wings elevated
mka: Heather E.M. Swann     | and addorsed argent, three 
email:swann@intercon.com    | sprigs of heather palewise
                            | purpure.     

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