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Re: Pennsic Moments

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Meli wrote:
>I managed (finally!) to get to Pennsic for the final weekend, & for me the 
>best parts (of what I saw) were watching my dear friends, Ivan & Rowan, get 
>their AoA's -- immediately followed by the wonderful ceremony where our Prince 
>was knighted.  What a beautiful, moving thing it was, too!  I cried all the 
>way through it, starting when that gentle with the nice voice began 
>singing....  :-)

That gentle was, I believe, Sir William the Stout. But whether I am right or
wrong on that score, he does indeed have a lovely voice. And you weren't the
only one moved to tears. Her Highness was quite moved when she had to put
the white belt on His Highness. Duke Gyrth was quite the gentleman when he
stepped in to give her a hand. Also, from my vantage point, I could see His
Highness working to keep his composure as well. It is certain that being
knighted is an emotional experience. Vivat for His Higness, Sir Logan!

There was also another knighting that took place at Atlantian Court
Wednesday evening. Adenwald the Hazardous, Thane of Dun Carraig was made a
knight. He was placed on vigil Tuesday evening at the combined Lochmere,
Oldcastle, Ap Gwystal encampment (in the Chapel of Cleanliness is Next to
Godliness). Vivat for Sir Adenwald, Thane of Dun Carraig!

>It was a great moment to be Atlantian!


In service,

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