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Black Diamond Remebers Kane

Poster: jthies@vt.edu (Genevieve)

Unto the mournful gentles of the Merry(?) Rose does Genevieve send heart
heavy condolences.

        The deaths of Kane and Muirgen came as a painful shock to one and
all who knew them.  Atlantia has suffered a tragic blow this week.  The
world will certainly miss the light they brought to our lives.
        Regretfully I never knew Muirgen.  I did know Kane some.  I cannot
claim to have known him well, but what I knew of him made me love him.  Kane
was everyone's friend, a big huggable teddy bear, a warm smiling face by the
fire, a humble man, a great man.  I envy those of you who knew him well, you
are truly the lucky ones.  Your loss is great as well.  The place that Kane
held in each of our hearts is lonely without him and yet filled with good
memories of him.  You needed only meet Kane once for him to find his way
into your heart.
        It is times as these that we must celebrate his life and the joy he
brought with him.  Upon hearing the sad news on Sunday night, a small troupe
of us went to Pizza Hut for a rememberance party.  I remember Kane as the
glowing face in the firelight at Pennsic, while he suffered through our
terrible bawdy songs.  I will never forget the warm hugs that I got from
Kane each and every time I saw him (even upon first meeting him).  I
remember Kane begging audience of His Grace, Duke Michael of Bedford for a
small group of ruffians to sing drinking songs to him.  Kane is all the
ideals of chivalry and honor. 
        For all those who feel pain this day for the loss of such a great
man, I can offer only myself and the reassurance that my pain joins your
own.  Anything that I can I do?  We all feel so helpless.


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