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Re: Black Diamond Remebers Kane

Poster: blackbow@juno.com (David H Ritterskamp)

>        For all those who feel pain this day for the loss of such a 
>man, I can offer only myself and the reassurance that my pain joins 
>own.  Anything that I can I do?  We all feel so helpless.
>                                                Remorsefully,
>                                                        Genevieve


There IS something you can do.  I think I can speak for Kane in this
regard, having discussed various similar subjects with him many times,
and the most important thing to do right now is this.

Don't feel guilty that you can't make it to the mundane funeral - I'm not
going.  Partially because of mundane conflicts, but also because Kane,
like myself, did not do well around funerals, weddings, or hospitals. 
You just could NOT get the man anywhere near them.  

If I may be permitted to speak for Kane in this:

"I certainly feel that you're entitled to do whatever you want to do, to
..grieve, in your own way.  

I'm going to go over here, with the beer, the singing, the stories, and
the women.  When you're done tearing yourself up about this, come on
over; We're having a good time!"

Go Party.  Go have fun.  Go tell Kane/Mongo stories.  Go remember him as
he was.  Believe in your heart that Kane has finally gotten to do what he
wanted to do when he came down off the throne from his reign, which was
to have the entire household mount up on horses and gallop off into the
sunset "to fight the Saracens."

  That's a direct  quote of something he really, really wanted to do.  I
promise you, he's doing it, with a great big smile on his face, a sword
in his hand (he fought while he slept, didn't you know; more stories
coming up...) 

..and his friends all around him.

Still haven't gone berserk yet,

Lord Jonathan Blackbow
House O'Shannon
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