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Re: knit caps

Poster: teresa marie nava-vaughn <tmn@wam.umd.edu>

I have seen very few exant knit caps and it's hard to tell if something
is knitted from a painting. Two knit caps which I can think of off hand
are in the MET.  Both are 16th century English.  Both have tam-shaped
tops.  One has a piece which extends down the back of the head and also 
flaps.  The other has a brim which goes all the way around and is called a
"city flap cap"  or "statue cap".  Both show up in period portraits quite
often. Additionally, there are pictures of both MET caps in _The Secular
Spirit: Art and Life at the End of the Middle Ages_. New York:EP Dutton
and Co., Inc., 1975.

C o'Stow

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