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Re: Punishment or Incentive?

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Alfredo el Bufon)

Whether you think of the eight-dollar door charge as a
punishment for those who failed to make reservations,
or a reward for those who did make reservations, I think
we all agree that the gentles running the events are not
interested in getting an extra eight dollars _per_se_;
they're just tugging on our purse-strings to get us to do
what's right.

Well, I already get plenty of behavior-modification-by-
the-selective-transfer-of-money in my mundane life:

When I use my Discover Card, I get a cash-back bonus.
When I fail to return a video on time, I pay a late charge.
When I switch my long-distance carrier, I get a rebate.
When I get caught speeding, I pay a fine.
When I kill someone, I pay the wergilt.

Do I have to put up with it in the SCA, as well?
Does it even work as a motivational tool?
Has anyone tried _any_ non-monetary methods?

If you don't like the punitive idea of giving the
non-reservation people a public dunking, how about
giving a free neck massage to everyone who _does_
reserve early?
Or, if it's a gaming event, give them extra Atlantian
gaming tokens (admittedly not an option for event in
How about using a _literal_ carrot and stick approach?

-- Alfredo
Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Him tha ellenrof  andswarode,         |Him, the strength-famed   answered,
wlanc Wedera leod,  word aefter spraec|wlonk Geat leader,  word after spoke
heard under helme:  "We synt Higelaces|hard under helm:  "We are Hygelac's
beodgeneatas;  Beowulf is min nama.   |table-companions;  Beowulf is my name.
Wille ic asecgan  sunu Healfdenes,    |I wish to tell  Healfdene's son,
maerum theodne  min aerende,          |the famous prince,  my errand,
aldre thinum,  gif he us geunnan wile |thy lord,  if he will not begrudge us,
thaet we hine swa godne  gretan moton.|that we, with his good self,  may speak."

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