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[MR] Corinthian leather

Poster: edh@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com (Alfredo el Bufon)

el senor Pedro de Alcazar dijo:
> Rebecca dixit:
> > 		Maria Isabella de la Cordoba
> 			       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^-strictly as a
> grammatical comment, this ought to be just "de Cordoba."
> Otherwise, it looks like a fine Iberian name.

This is certainly true if the intention is to say that
Maria Isabella is from the Spanish town of Cordoba.
A mundame example of this surname is Freddy de Cordoba,
producer of "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson".

But what if the intention is "Maria Isabella the Cordoban"?
I think then it ought to be "Maria Isabella la Cordobena".
Or possibly "Maria Isabella la Cordobense"; I'm not sure
what the term is for a native of Cordoba.

Or, if the intention is "Maria Isabella, [wife] of the
Cordoban", it might be "Maria Isabella del Cordobense".

There are some locales that "take an article" (as they say)
in Spanish, such as Mancha; you say "Don Quijote de la
Mancha" rather than "Don Quijote de Mancha".  But, as
Pedro pointed out, Cordoba does not take an article.
There's no hard and fast rule to determine whether a place-
name takes an article; you have to consider each case-by-case.

BTW, the name of the town should have a mark over the first
'o' to show the accent is on the first syllable, whereas the
similarly-named car, having no such mark, has the accent on
the second syllable.

I might be mistaken about some of this.

-- Alfredo

Alfredo el Bufon
Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia
Nalles aefter lyfte  lacende hwearf|No more will it fly  through the sky
middelnihtum,  mathmaehta wlonc    |In mid-night,  wlonk of the sight
ansyn ywde;  ac he eorthan gefeoll |of gold it stashed;  to earth it crashed
for thaes hildfruman  hondgeweorce.|by that warrior-king's  handworking.

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