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Re: North Vs. South

Poster: "Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir <>polearmed@worldnet.att.net" <>

Salaam and all good tidings to you!

David H Ritterskamp wrote:

       Just as the mistake was made with whichever kingdom was out
  west and
       split lengthwise, instead of across the middle (thus having two
       kingdoms with 14 hours travel time end to end instead of
  cutting them
       in half horizontally, thus cutting travel time in half) it
  would be
       possible to separate Atlantia (or any other kingdom, for that
       in such a way as to minimize the geographical problems.  I
  would guess
       that the split would be between Richmond and Raleigh, and
       Black Diamond and points north.  Geographically speaking, that
       probably works best.

Heheheheh.  The Atlantian Civil War, or we can play that whole Lancaster
and York thingy to the hilt.  It would certainly give the bards some
cool material to play with, because there would be heroes, victims,
tragedies, and all manner of story.

All the skirmishes would be within a couple of hours, too.  Imagine

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