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Re: group size/status

Poster: "Heather Swann" <swannh@psi.com>

> Poster: Sherry Hintze <chhintze@bmd.clis.com> 
> >On this point, I have to disagree; one of the biggest reasons why 
> >     Crannog Mor (years ago) 
> >     looked at becoming a barony was because they felt that as a 
> >     shire, they didn't really have 
> >     A) much in the way of respect for their autonomy (go figure!) or 
> >     B) much recognition for anything they did. 
> >     
> As Seneschal for the Shire of Cathanar, I have to second the 
> feeling, especially B.  In addition to being small, we are 
> isolated.  Other than Seareach, there is not another group within a 
> good 3 1/2 to 4 hours.  We don't have a lot of chances to get out in 
> the wider Kingdom, and when we're a virtual unknown, it's hard to 
> get folks to come see us. 
> snip>
> But there is an underlying feeling in our Shire of being 
> Atlantia's orphans, which led to many of our members jumping at 
> the proposal of aiming for Baronial status recently.  There's certaily 
> a perception that having someone to represent us in peerage councils 
> would make us a lot harder to ignore! 
> Okay, group status is only one factor - but it can be a factor.  And 
> it's one of the factors that the groups can't change all by itself. 
> In service, 
> Lady Katriona of Northwoods 
> Seneschal, the Shire of Cathanar 
> (Things are happening on the coast....) 
When I was in Isenfir, we had the same sort of problem getting recognition, 
and we had to suffer many "Isenfir?  I thought it was dead..." comments.  We 
cured the problem by holding innovative events (the first Games Tourney in the 
Kingdom), putting out the best newsletter we could and sending gratis copies 
to chroniclers of other groups, and clubbing together to get to as many events 
as we could with as many people as we could, and introducing ourselves to 
people as Isenfiri.  That got our group noticed.
Granted, it didn't get us awards, but then awards aren't really why we're 
here.  Yes, I know that sounds annoying, but it's true.  If you let award 
fever get into your head it only makes it worse, and award fever always seems 
to start with the frustration of trying to recommend other folks for awards 
and seeing no result.  Once you make the recommendation, you've done what you 
can.  If you think someone deserves an award, start introducing them to people 
so that the powers that be know who they are.  And whatever you do, don't send 
in a petition with names for an award recommendation.  Isenfiri sent in two 
petitions to try to get me an AoA (while I was Seneschale), and both were 
apparently cast aside since, after all, "people could always be pressured into 
signing a petition".  It was apparently an unspoken rule that no one bothered 
to mention at the time.  Get everyone to send in an individual letter.  
I hope this advice helps at least somewhat.


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