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Re: Holding name (was:Re: Submissions)

Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

>Actually, that brings up something I was going to ask -- arms without a
>name.  I was under the impression that you had to submit the name either
>with the arms at the same time, or that the name already be in the process
>of submission.
This is correct.

>However, someone else told me recently that no, you could actually send
>off your arms to be registered even if you haven't done so with your name
>yet, as they will assign you a holding name until such time as your actual
>name is submitted.

Someone evidently misunderstood their herald.  Laurel Queen-of-Arms has her
staff  currently working on an FAQ of misinformation about heraldry.  If
anyone else has heard this, PLEASE contact me personally so that I can
determine if this is a widespread error or just one instance!
>I thought, however, a holding name is what was assigned if your original
>name submission was declined for whatever reason, thereby ensuring
>continuity in the records while you worked on it some more.
>Any clarfication, please? ;-)

>Julien de Montfort

You have it right. Laurel tries to give the submitter the closest form
possible to the original submission.  If your submitted name 'Julien de
Montfort' came up with a problem,  she would create the holding name
'Julien of Spiaggia Levantina' to allow your arms submission to be
registered.  If 'Julien' was the problem (say there was no documentation
for that spelling and you refused to allow spelling changes) your arms
would be registered under the holding name 'Stephen of Spiaggia Levantina'.

Alanna Volchevo Lesa
Partan Pursuivant
Laurel Staff Minion
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