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Re: Pennsic - road conditions

Poster: Tom Brady <tabrady@mindspring.com>

At 08:32 PM 7/29/97 +0000, Lady Rhiannon Ui Neill wrote:
>I-40W to
>I-77N to Charleston, WVA, then I-79N to Pennsic.  There *is* that curvy back
>road thing (route 19) which cuts an hour off between Beckley and I-79, but
>when travelling at night without a mechanic...  Think I'll pass.

This has already been addressed slightly, but to add to it:
US 19 isn't really that curvy, and shouldn't be a problem to travel. As was
noted, it is under serious construction to widen from two to four lanes
north of Summerville, but that didn't slow things down much last year (then
again, I went up and came back on weekends...) I would guess that it's
about 45-60 minutes faster than going through Charleston.

BTW, to those coming from the Southeastern part of the kingdom: if
traveling I-40 west to I-77, you can make use of a shortcut to avoid going
all the way to Statesville to join I-77: in Winston-Salem (NC), take US 52
north (a 4-lane, interstate-type highway) to Mount Airy, then cut west
about 8 miles to rejoin I-77 right at the VA state line. 

-Duncan, Authorized Atlantian Navigator ;-)

On-the-way-to-Pennsic Trivia: Princeton, WV (at the VA/WV line on I-77) is
the home of Bob Denver ("Gilligan").
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