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Re: scribe win (long)

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Teri Nava-Vaughn wrote:
> FYI- I don't know a single scribe who would turn down a recipient who
> offered materials; but, I do know many who would turn down money :-)
> C o'Stow

Well, then perhaps this is the best time to bring up costs and the
like.  I'll admit it, I know nothing of the process.  I went to Ponte
Alto's Scriptorium earlier this year, just to help paint scrolls for
helpers of an event.  It looked like simple "color in the lines" but it
wasn't that easy.

Let's say I wanted to give materials to a local scribe.  What do I
give?  What brushes are used, what paints and inks are used?  What about
pens and nibs?  How about paper?  Other supplies, like those
egg-holder-looking things for paint?  How much does this stuff cost, and
most importantly, where do I find it?

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