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Re: Weather and road conditions

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Whistlin' Anne of Carthew wrote:
>Corun MacAnndra wrote:
>> But just in case, I think Ponte Alto will be able to supply plenty of
>> shovels for everyone. <G>
>Ah, dear Corun, shovels won't be necessary ...unless your repartee gets
>too deep! 

Are you suggesting that we might get hip deep in wit?

>I gave Her Majesty a money-back guarantee that the weather would be fine
>here for Twelfth Night, and of course I'll deliver!  After all, Ponte
>Alto always has good weather for its events. Remember the awful winter
>we had two years ago?  Remember how in February for the Investiture of
>Ranulf and Caitlyn that it was sunny and in the 60s despite having major
>storms on the weekends on either side?

I do recall that event and the weekends surrounding it. Thank goodness
there's no lake effect in these parts.

>The weather is predicted to be mild and partly cloudy for this Friday,
>Satruday, AND Sunday, so traveling (at least in *this* area) should be

While tonight it's supposed to get bloody cold. Everyone doing First Night
somewhere up here should bundle up. I'll be making the rounds in Annapolis.

In service,

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