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Change of address for Eogan

Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

Greetings unto all!

Let it be known that as of now, my address has been changed.  Anyone
writing to me, or to the Motley Crew, should now address their letters

Matthew Allen Newsome
12 Scottish Lane
Whittier NC  28789

My phone number and e-mail address remain unaffected.  Please note, I have
NOT moved.  A new family moved in on our driveway, and according to PO
regulations, any driveway with 3 or more houses qualifies as a street and
must be named.  Mail sent to my former address (1155 Dicks Creek Rd)
should still get to me, but I don't know for how long.

Just as an added bit of irony, the peopl at the top of my drive are named
English.  So now, Mr. and Mrs. English live on Scottish Lane.  Ha!

I apologise for those of you recieveing this twice from different lists.
PLease make any neccesary changes in your records.

Lard Eogan Og Mac Labruinn,
Chronicler for the Militant Society of Bards

           "I brought ye to the ring.  Now dance best ye can."
   Matthew Allen Newsome            |	    Lard Eogan Og Mac Labruinn
   curator/historical consultant    |       Sangster of Scotland&Atlantia
   Scottish Tartans Museum          |	    Chronicler, MSoB
   & Heritage Center	    	    |	    (Militant Society of Bards)
   http://intertekweb.com/tartans/  |	    Clan Og, SCA
   <tartans@dnet.net>               |       "IT'S ONLY A GAME!"
    --------------------"Bring Forrit The Tartan"---------------------

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