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Re: Siege of Troy

Poster: AEdric the Grene <AEdric@mindspring.com>

> Poster: Efenwealt Wyslte <wystle@ipass.net>
> Howabout that Seige of Troy. Was that a kicking event or what? Feast was great,
> the fighting was blast to watch, we even got to dance and go to a good bardic

I enjoyed myself immensely except for the bloody cold!  Brr!  But, hardly anyone's

I  especially enjoyed the feast with the amusement/sudden fad created by Lady
Andella's throwing a pita to Lord Robin which landed near the Dinner Herald (whose
name I afraid I missed other than that he was at Efen's table) which eventually
ended up with Her Majesty and Baroness Ceridwen and all the others at High Table
throwing pitas over the "goal" created by two gentles.  I'm not sure whether to be
ashamed or proud of the fact that Andella was sitting at my table and is part of my
household.  I guess the Queen was amused and liked it, so I should be happy.  I
just hope Baroness Ceridwen suffered no lasting affects from what appeared to be
close to suffocation from laughing so hard.  ;-)

My only major complaint was the fact that, at least in my encampment, there were 8
cars in encampment on Saturday night after the Feast.  No one was moving in or
moving out, and I doubt that all were vehicles needed by those with handicaps or
the like.  These vehicles took away greatly from the experience; especially the
running of one vehicle's engine while it was parked for about 20 minutes that
night.  I know it irritated my already sick wife and another group camping there
from the "Thank You"s called out when the vehicle was turned off.  There was plenty
of room in the parking area provided away from the encampment areas, so I fail to
see why the vehicles were not parked there as they should have been.  Perhaps
someone can explain this to me, if I am missing something?

Anyway, I look forward to the next Siege of Troy (hopefully nature will be
providing a much warmer experience!) and congratulate Baelfire Dunn and especially
the Autocrats Lady Simkin and Lord Edmund on the event!

AEdric the Grene

Anglo-Saxon, KnowItAll wannabe, Cider drinker
Arms: Per Pale, sable and vert (or is it vert and sable...)
Legs: 3'6" (or so)

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