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Re: Level of work

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

> Miri wrote:
> >I get the feeling they seem to have a strong
> >handle on what level of work is suitable for each award. I don't >think 
> we really have that in Atlantia.
> It appears that way to me, as well.  Though I do not want to see any 
> kind of 'merit badge' system in the SCA, it would be nice to come to a 
> closer agreement on the level of, for example, service required for the 
> Goldin Dolphin.
> I maintain that service to one's group *is* service to the Kingdom, and 
> thus deserves kingdom-level recognition.  Without well-run local groups, 
> there wouldn't BE a Kingdom.
> Others are just as adamant that the Golden Dolphin is for service at the 
> Kingdom level and that local awards are valid recognition for efforts at 
> the local level.

 I can't speak for other Order members, but when I consider a possible new
member of the Order of the Golden Dolphin, I look to see if I _know_ that
person. The words of the King and Queen at the end of each Order ceremony
are "go and greet your peers in the back of the hall" *grin*.... if I
cannot recognise the person (remembering that I attend two or three events
a month), then I have to think - do I know them by name/reputation? Are
they someone who I would call if I needed help in their area? If the answer
is "yes" - then they are my "equals", my "peers at the Kingdom level" 
(sorry about sounding pompous, don't mean to) and they get a "yes" on my
polling form. Otherwise, I have to read the information on the polling form
and make a reccomendation based on that - or simply abstain. I'm not sure
if that is too picky for most, but my reasoning is that if I, as a busy and
working person in this Kingdom, interact with the prospective member on a
semi-regular basis, especially if they are from out of my area - then they
are doing service at a Kingdom level.

Hoping that doesn't sound as stuffy as I think it does,
Rosine of Rowanwald
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