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Re: Special "Mitzvah"

Poster: Meli@stierbach.atlantia.sca.org (Henderson, Sharon)

Greetings unto Lady Maria Beatriz!

> I am currently employed by Fairfax County Schools as an 
> Instructional assistant with special children...children who though 
> bright and healthy, life has made unavailable for learning from time 
> to time. I am teaching in the 5th grade till the end of the year and 
> as you may know, fifth grade is Medeival segment Grade. The problem 
> is these kids have been passed over a lot when the rest  of the 
> "regular ed" kids have gotten the fancy displays and demos .

I'm available that day, and would be glad to help out if I can.  My 
son Brian, as you know, has been a special needs student all his 
life, and is now in High School; now he's singing tenor with Alle 
Psallite, and thrilled to have his own garb.  :-)  I know these kids 
often get forgotten, and have to hear about the "regular kids" 
getting to do all sorts of cool stuff.  But I also know that the 
special kids often get far more out of what goes on, when they get a 
chance, because they tend to be a little more serious about what they 
get to do, and throw themselves into it with abandon once they relax 
and know it's okay.  :-)

I have a generic houppeland belonging to my lord that would easily 
fit a lady of the preggers teacher's description; consider it yours 
for the day.

Let me know how I can help.  I'm a herald and I do a bit of music now 
and then; are these students old enough to have had the standard 
recorder music classes yet?  Would bringing a couple of simple tunes 
and getting them to play them be helpful? Perhaps bringing 
some blank shields on paper, and helping the children design a coat 
of arms for themselves that they can color and keep, would be fun.  
And then, of course, there's the ever-popular "teach them how to get 
people's attention" thing, of learning how to bellow "OYEZ!!!"  :-)

Also, a suggestion: see if there are some folks willing to lend 
simple, easy-to-wear headgear, like "robin hood" hats, liripipes, or 
"princess hats" (short hennins with little veils) for the kids to 
wear.  Dress-up is an important part of *any* kid's fun time! :-)  
Maybe local chatelaines or castellans have such items in their loaner 
garb boxes?

This sounds like it could be tons of fun!  Let me know when and where 
and all that.

in Service,
Baroness Meli
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