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Crown List

Poster: <PERS2737@DALH.jcpenney.com>

To  ATLANTIA--INET     Noble Atlantians                                        

From: C.J. Schaffer                                                            

Lord Sean wonders if only 19 entrants in Crown Tourney is appropriate          
for a Kingdom known for its fighting prowess. I have a couple of               
theories (which i will admit are *only* theories, and may be wrong).           

First of all is numbers. The East is larger than Atlantia, and so has          
more fighters than Atlantia. Our fighters are better, but not more             
numerous. OK, so perhaps the East does not have 5 times as many fighters       
as we do, but it does account for some of the disparity.                       

The second theory is motive. In Atlantia, we actively discourage people        
from fighting in Crown who are not ready to take on the burden of the          
Crown. I suspect that if over 100 people entered Crown, that more than a       
few were only doing it for exposure and experience, and really had no          
expectation of actually winning Crown. This is a dangerous thing, as we        
have had heavy hitters get knocked out of Crown due to injury, and so          
someone who was a Dark Horse was the victor.                                   

Perhaps 19 is too few, but i would not want to see more than 100               
fighters in our Crown Lists.                                                   


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