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Re: Crown List

Poster: Meg <megb@maine.com>

> Perhaps 19 is too few, but i would not want to see more than 100
> fighters in our Crown Lists.
> Nils

Dear Atlantia!

Greetings from the East! Having just returned from the Crown Tourney, I
thought I'd let you in on a little secret...

...we only had 36 entrants.

I'm not sure where the "100 fighters" came from, but I certainly didn't
see them! :)  The list was run on a 48 entrant tree, since the kingdom
MOL was unable to do a 32 tree (two groups of 16) elimination, with
several "Bye's" in the first rounds. It ended in a spectacular round
robin between three worthy contenders for the Crown, and Duke Brion was
ultimately victorious.

I agree, having a 100+ entrants would be frightening. And I don't think
the good gentles waiting to serve feast would have been too pleased. ;P

I hope this gives you a better look into our Crown. Long life to your
new heir, Duke Anton!

~ Maelyn

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