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Re: Archers -

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

> >In going through the current issue of Instinctive Archer.... 

> What is the mailing address for this magazine? Or could you give me
  the subscription information? I would be very appreciative, this
  sounds like a very cool magazine.  Thank you for your help.

I gave the phone number so folks could get the back issues when they 
subscribed. There are 7 of 8 available. However:

Instinctive Archer Magazine
P.O.Box 45299, Boise, ID 83711-5299   208-465-9893   $12 a year US.
                                                  (or $22 in Canada.)
Back issues are $6.50 (or $7 from Canada).

Issue 8 has articles on these items of interest to non hunters:
  Making of Robin Hood's Quiver - like the 1938 Errol Flynn movie.
     Complete plans and instructions.
  The Making and Shooting of a 200 pound English Warbow - article -
     not plans, but descriptive with photos.
  Archery Tradition of China, a multipage lead in to an upcoming book.
  Lethal Stone and Bone Points from Denmark's prehistory. Like a shot
     through the human neckbones and another through the nose. This
     is a history of them by cultures over a long period.
  Archery and the Anglo Saxons.
  Heavy practice points. 
  And a number of other articles on hunting and more modern subjects.

Past magazines have had many kinds of historical and archaeological 
articles and reconstructions in them.


 I'm hoping to hear from someone with the Winter 96, issue 3, to sell.
 $20 for it. Any starving students out there?
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