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Re: Atlantian Geography

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> >I am looking for a good source of information about the geography of
> >fair Kingdom.  Of particular interest are the borders of Atlantia
> There is such a work in progress at the following webpage:
> http://www.spiaggia.org/resources/map/
> I,m not sure if its being done as a work of love, or as part of
> the boundrys of the proposed princeipality (I know, I mispelled it,
> thingy not working today) but, it is a LOVELY map. and I highly
>suggest you
> check it out.

No, it is primarily a labor of love, although I do have a few ulterior
motives in my creation of the Big Map o' Atlantia.  First, I realized
that I was woefully ignorant of many of the group names and locations
not near me, and secondly, I wanted to see exactly how large the
proposed Principality was compared to the Kingdom as a whole.

Plus, I just like maps. ;-)

As mentioned on the page, I am still working on it, and if anyone
happens to notice any glaring mistakes in the completed portions,
please let me know.  Also, as I am collecting zip code lists of the
various groups (both for a more accurate map as well as to further help
the near-mythical task of compiling a Kingdom-wide Zip list), I would
appreciate any assistance in that regard as well.

In Service,
Julien the Mapmaker

Seigneur Julien de Montfort de Bourgogne     De sable, seme d'hermines
"Solum Dice Nullus Sunt Suficio"             d'or, tres amphorae et un
Canton de Spiaggia Levantina                     caid palissade argent
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