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Re: words & more words

Poster: Mike Dullaghan <michael.f.dullaghan@adn.alcatel.com>

On 11-Jun-98 Heather Swann wrote:
>Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>
>> Margaret wrote:
>> (snip)
>> >.. and then there's my favorite: "docko" instead of "documentation".  It's a
>> >singularly strong  pet peeve of mine....... I wince every time I hear the
>> term
>> >(must be those incredibly rigorous English teachers I had back in high
>> >school...<G>).
>> I feel the same way when I hear info instead of information.  It is a smal
>> thing but you know...
>> Eógan mac Ailpein
>The one I hate is 'pro' for protege.  A protege gets little enough
>recognition as it is....abbreviating the term adds insult to injury. 
>Besides, the whole point of being a protege is that you AREN'T a 'pro'-
>you're still learning.....  ;)

Eeek. Mercifully [for me and the speaker :-)], I haven't actually run
into "docko" or "pro" in any SCA context. I'm not real fond of "info"
either, but since it is in use outside the SCA I'm afraid
contamination is inevitable.

As far as the SCAdian terms go:
   docko -  sounds like a bad imitation of Australian slang, and
            certainly doesn't give the scholarly impression one would
            like when discussing ones research,
   pro   -  as observed above, implies the exact opposite of the title
            it is  supposedly a contraction of.

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