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Re: Heraldry questions

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@access.digex.net>


At 3:11 PM -0400 7/22/98, Beverly Robinson-Curry wrote:
>Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>
>Rhiannon of Berra wrote:
>> <shaking my head> I'll never understand the heraldry rules :(
>That's why we teach classes.  The Rules for Submission can be found on the
>heraldry page at www.sca.org and any pursuivant or higher should be able to
>answer questions about them.
>> created from the original form we had and the shields weren't the right
>> size and dimension (they weren't off by much, and you could still tell
>Actually, Evan tells me that your dimensions were 8" wide by 4.75" tall as
>opposed to the required size of 4.75" wide, 5.65" tall (for an escutcheon;
>for a
>Lozenge, it is 4.25" wide, 5.65" tall and for a roundel, 5.25" diameter.  I
>think Gorm wanted these dimensions, if you'd pass them on, please.).  Your
>submission form was a significant difference over what's standard.
The Administrative Handbook specifies that the escutcheon be 5" wide and 6"


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