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Re: For the record

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> getting home from work this late and not being able to read mail at work
> really has it disadvantages. oh well....
> if scribes want to see a picture, then they can email golden dolphin
> herald and ask for him or one of his staff members (most likely me or
> Pedro) to pull teh file (providing it exists) and either trace or xerox
> said picture.
> i have done this on several occassions for master tristan and certainly
> have no problem doing it for others.
> lady isabella benalca'zar
> herald, bright hills
> golden dolphin paperwork goddess
> junior laurel file clerk

Super!  I'll be doing that in the future......that's extremely cool! 
The best thing about having the picture aside from accuracy is you get
to see how the person really wants their arms to look!  :)

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