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Heraldic Paperwork Question

Poster: david.a.montuori@adn.alcatel.com (Dave Montuori)

Greetings unto the Merry Rosers (and the spillover into Cheapside) from
Evan da Collaureo. In light of the current heraldry conversations, I was
asked a question privately regarding administrative procedures of my
office. It's an issue of general enough interest that I decided to file
off the serial numbers and post a general answer publicly.

> In the absence of a local herald, how & to whom does someone submit a
> device? [The gentle about whom this question arose lives in a *VERY*
> out-of-the-way place, which are surprisingly plentiful in Atlantia.]
> Does he submit it through the closest group's herald?  I doubt he has a
> herald-at-large there, so that's out. Or should he send it directly to you?

One may submit through *any* rostered herald, in any Atlantian context
that one can be found: events, practices, meetings, deliberate appointments.
Should one's current workload be too great to allow enough participation for
even that, I will on a case-by-case basis accept forms where the "consulting
herald" has signed off by email. The submitter should attach an explanation,
plus hard-copy of the full email note (INCLUDING headers) from the herald.
Make sure the email is clear as to what submission is being signed off.

My plate is too full at this time to act as "consulting herald," except at
consult tables and in rare personal cases. So I'd much prefer to have another
herald vet the forms before they get sent to me. It's also good form to
support your kingdom's local heralds; spread the wealth around, make us
all feel useful. :-)

> For that matter, if I wanted to submit my device, after consulting with my
> local herald, would she make copies & send them or would I?

Either way, whatever suits the two of you. Make sure the herald signs the
forms. More advice: *each* of you should keep personal copies, ESPECIALLY
yourself. This may well save a lot of headaches further down the road. Make
sure you keep an OUTLINE of any armory submissions (for potential benefit
of scribes; see the current scribal subthread).

If I've reaised any further questions with this, please ask me. Exercise
prudence in the breadth of your question's distribution: the less general
the inquiry, the more probably you should send it privately.

Yours in service,
Evan da Collaureo
Golden Dolphin Herald
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