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Re: armigorous scrolls was (RE: heraldry rules)

Poster: Gorm of Berra <gormofberra@mindspring.com>

Julien de Montfort wrote:
> finish, somebody runs up and says "oops, no, never mind, he just
> changed it to three bananas rampant*" or some such. ;-)  Of course,

<more snip>

> * For the ten or twelve of you in the viewing audience who thought,
> "hey, cool," when you read that device (and you know who you are), *no*
> that isn't acceptable armory, so don't go getting any ideas. ;-)

Well, it would be, but it would have to be drawn on the submission's
form as a banana peeled in 4, resting on one peel, with the other three
in the air menacingly, with the beard of a goat and the tail of a lion.

See the O&A under "Robbins, Master Baskins of:  <fieldless> A Banana
Rampant between three orles argent, drizzled overall with hot fudge"

/me runs and hides

Gorm of Berra
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