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Bad Heraldry (tm) & combat archery

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> > * For the ten or twelve of you in the viewing audience who thought,
> > "hey, cool," when you read that device (and you know who you are),
> > that isn't acceptable armory, so don't go getting any ideas. ;-)
> Well, it would be, but it would have to be drawn on the submission's
> form as a banana peeled in 4, resting on one peel, with the other
> in the air menacingly, with the beard of a goat and the tail of a
> See the O&A under "Robbins, Master Baskins of:  <fieldless> A Banana
> Rampant between three orles argent, drizzled overall with hot fudge"
> /me runs and hides

A wise suggestion... ;-)  Say, Alanna, are we allowed to <thwack> bad
heralds with a rolled-up newspaper *off* the SCA-HERALDS list, or is
restricted to just there? ;-)

BTW Gorm, you (or rather Rhiannon I think) was asking about combat
archery earlier on the Merry Rose; for those that are interested, the
Information Superstore that is spiaggia.org has some varied
web-accesable articles about combat archery; see
http://www.spiaggia.org/archery.  Mind you, not all the articles in the
Combat Archery section are Atlantia-specific, so some are not terribly
applicable to us, but there are several useful articles there you might
want to peer at. ;-)


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