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Re: On Pennsic....

Poster: Karen@stierbach.atlantia.sca.org (Larsdatter, Karen )

Sez Eldred:

> So, did anything *nice* happen at Pennsic?

Yes!  Much nice things happened at Pennsic.  (Besides minor plague 
striking our camp.  Were we the only ones wherein the cocktail of 
choice was Benadryl with a Dominion root beer chaser?)

I made a very pretty garnet and pearl necklace, in the style of the 
15th century Burgundian beaded necklaces I'd seen at Lady Grizel's 
website (http://www.dnaco.net/~scababe/medievalbead/).  I like it 
lots and am very happy with how it turned out.

I got a good start on the napkins I'm embroidering for the Barony of 
Stierbach.  (I also found out that you really can't tell when the 
design is upside-down, this is a _good_ thing!)  :)

Ponte Alto won two categories of the Blackfox Memorial Prize.  Woo 
hoo!  :)

And I got to hold the Atlantian Sword of State all through the first 
field battle.  That was SO AWESOME!!!  :)

Karen Larsdatter
  who had a good time
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