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Re: Honor vs. Winning

Poster: "William T. Fleming" <gorp@erols.com>

Well folks if you will pardon me I would like to cast my opinion into
the ring.  I was, until my recent move to this fair kingdom, a member of
the army of Bhakail.  In Bhakail we took fighting as a unit very
seriously.  At war or practice we fought very hard to fulfil the comands
of our Baron.  Honor and victory were intertwined for us.  We took hits
with grace and good humor but we sought to always land the first (and
last) blow.

Perhaps I can illustrate my point best with an event from the Woods
Battle two years ago.  Bhakail was ordered by our king to hold the right
end of the central causeway in the woods.  The Midrealm pounded us
continuously for nearly an hour because they tought our end of the line
was the easiest to penetrate.  When we began to grow tired Baron Sir
Tristen took off his helm and sat down against a tree about four paces
behind us.  If we had flagged in our efforts or let one Midrealmer slip
by he would have been declared dead.  We redoubled our efforts and held
the line.

We in Bhakail wanted to win.   But only because honor demanded that we
serve our Baron and our King with all of our strength and skill.

Yours servant,

Lord Ruaidhri an Cu
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