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RE: Honor vs. Winning

Poster: "Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com>

OK folks....I wanted to voice this opinion before Pennsic when everyone was
talking about East and their allies vs Middle and their allies and honoring
the memory of Jafar and could the East in good conscience not allow the
Middle to 'win' to honor Jafar.  I was told to keep it to myself that as a
non-dues paying (ie not 'real'}member of the SCA I should say nothing.

Well now that it is all over and is being dissected and talked over I am
going to say what I wanted to say in the first place.  :donning flameproof

War is war.  In period the death of a reigning monarch who had no heir or
even if there was an heir would have been the signal for the acquisition of
the realm either thru conquest or thru alliance.

There is no honor in 'letting' someone win....It smacks of patronism and I
am sure that the Middle and their allies had no need of being "allowed' to
win. However if accounts I have read are true then HRM Kenna was badly
advised and the battle should have been decided fairly by either single
combat or by a draw/tie.

To honor the memory of Jafar instead of a "War" it might have been agreed
among the Realms that Pennsic would instead be a grand tourney dedicated to
the memory of Jafar and all the others who have this year left us to tread
the paths among the stars.  We have lost so many in the past year or so,
some of whom were most beloved and honored, some who were founders of their
barony or shire or realm.  This whole thing has really made me feel
terrible.  There are bad feelings on many sides.  HRM Kenna, I heard, was
crying over this.  It seems to me that there is no honor in being the cause
of her grief either directly or indirectly.

I am not impuning any one person's, estate's or Kingdom's honor.  I am
simply stating my thoughts and opinion from my point of view.  Every year
that I have read accounts of Pennsic I have vicariously enjoyed the tales of
battles, bardic circles, spiffy garb, monumental shopping and wonderful food
and have been thankful that I could share in them in a small way.....this
year I can only sorrow for what might have been.

Sorry....but this does not seem to have been an enjoyable or nice Pennsic

(crawling back under my rock and erecting the heat shields)

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