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Re: Arms and Awards

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

> Greetings and good day,
> Quite simply it is for the same reason as why you can't register your " FULL
> " real name in the sca. Then again if you were to have one clear difference
> it probrably wouldn't be challenged at LOAR level anyways. To my limited
> knowledge the search for mudane conflicts is not that detailed a search at
> any stage of game. So you could probraly get away with one clear difference
> from your mudane arms hypothetically. Of course I wouldn't hold my word as
> gospel because I have looked at LOAR rules and few other things online and
> read the SCAHERALDS list. So correct me if I am wrong and I shall shut my
> mouth and say farwell:)
> Tristan ap Elwin

Actually, I'm not sure that is true.  A friend of mine was gifted by his very
Irish parents with a very period name.  He was told by several heralds that it
was a shame that he wanted to change it, as it would most certainly pass as it


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