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Fwd: LoTr: THE LIST!


-- BEGIN included message

Sophie Marceau is the wonderful French actress who played the Princess in
Her words to the dying Edward Longshanks (played by Patrick McGoohan, my
choice for Denethor) and their delivery sent chills down my spine.  
Unfortunately, Arwen is a very small part (but with a big backstory).
Mel Gibson for Aragorn (just kidding!)

My vote for Faramir is Daniel Day-Lewis.  Brother Boromir played by Liam
Neeson.  Those Irishmen!,,,,,,, (sigh.....)
Robin Williams for Bilbo Baggins.
James Earl Jones as the voice of Treebeard (um, that would also be Fangorn,
some really good unknown for Strider/Aragorn

Oooo, this is fun.  Many thanks for the enjoyable distraction. But now I'm off
to work.  Due to Bonnie, the hospital has called all staff in for disaster
plan.  Considering I just left work 3 hours ago, I'm not amused.  The fact
that I have to bring my 2 children with me (and bring food for them, one would
think such necessities would be provided) has me even less amused.  Well,
they'll have a story to tell their friends.

Hoping the disaster plans are all for naught

-- END included message