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Re: Current rules for polearm construction

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Garrett, William wrote:
> Poster: "Garrett, William" <WGarrett@sierrahealth.com>
> hello All!
> What are Atlantia's criteria for polearm construction?

Depends on your id and system of measurement.

> Also for mass wepons, what are the requirements for head construction,
> weight etc.

For the W.H.Baronial Archer corps - light, flighty, and fast.
For the Mooselodge - heavy, hard, and more than a little horny.
For the Dukes - very large, very thick, and particularly lumpy.
              - except for Daisy, who's nicely bumpy.
> Thanks!
> William Ringlncer, not talking about the LotR movie :o)

You're welcome.

Magnus, in particularly dangerous country right now.
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