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RE: Kingdom Crusaides Archers

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> As a heavy weapons fighter I would like to thank all of the archers
> helped us that day.  I do not know how many times I have died to
>spears in a

I am very pleased to be living in Atlantia, where the relationship
between heavy fighters and combat archers are so good.  I've talked to
people in other kingdoms where the fighters there would just as soon
spit on a combat archer as they would adknowledge their very prescence.

> battle but I can say I died to none during this battle. As someone
>else said
> I really felt sorry for the East fighters on the last two fight.
> where spear men who would touch the cone with their spear turn around
> to be feathered and have to tag the cone again.

Indeed!  I remember in the first ressurection battle, there was one
poor East Kingdom spearman who I kept shooting at.  Every time I killed
him, he'd back up two feet in the line, move a yard or so down, and
then come back in.  So I followed him down and tagged him again,
thinking he was being rude and simply ignoring my shots.  This kept up
for four or five volleys, each time with him stepping back two feet,
rotating a yard back in the opposite direction, and coming back into
the line.

I was starting to really get cheezed off with this guy and how
blatantly he was ignoring my shots, when I realized that was not the
case at all!  We had pushed the East line back so far that people were
standing practically *on* the ressurection point, so as I shot him, he
was already ressurected, and kept trying to move a little ways away
from me as so not to get shot again. :-)  Once I realized what was
happening, I left him alone and moved on to other targets... :-D

> to be feathered and have to tag the cone again. I hope we did not
>upset too
> many of our friends in the East with such a slaughter in the last two

With East kingdom Archery rules in place, I hope this past weekend
instills in them a sense of need so that next year, we see more East
kingdom archers. :-)


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