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Re: Henry VII (fwd)

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

In a message dated 12/17/98 10:56:47 AM Eastern Standard Time,
clevin@ripco.com writes:

> Primus: It takes time-your facility has to look for another
>  facility which will loan to them, and, naturally, the book must
>  be taken from its facility to yours.

True, which can be a factor to consider if you are researching a topic for a
class or something else where you have a deadline.  But most SCA folks are
doing research for their own pleasure, so if you have to wait a while for the
exact material you want it's not that much trouble.  If you do have a
deadline, just be sure to ask early.  I know of many who wait till the last
possible day to visit a library expecting to have the material jump out and
introduce itself.  Then they are dissapointed when they find out it will take
3 days or a week to get it.
>  Secundus: There are, sometimes, caveats to the loan. Usually, one
>  can take the book out like any other book, but sometimes, the
>  loan period isn't as long, or, the lending facility will permit
>  it only to be used at your facility.

True.  But then again, just the fact that you have access to it is great.
>  Tertius: Cost. For certain loans, it's a nominal fee (in PG
>  County, it's half a buck); for other loans, the cost goes up.

This is also true, but in my experience, most of the time it is free.  A word
of advice--many ILL forms have a space listed for the amount you are willing
to pay (if any).  Please do not leave this blank.  Go ahead and fill in an
amount.  This does not obligate you to pay that amount at that time.  But if
the book you want will cost you 75 cents or a dollar to get (a fee most of us
would be willing to pay), and you left the space blank, indicating that you
would pay nothing, then they will not send you the book.

Also, many libraries are part of networks that exchange materials freely, at
no cost.

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