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Re: A thought! (fwd)

Poster: Beiskaldi@aol.com

In a message dated 98-12-17 13:52:34 EST, clevin@ripco.com writes:

 Yes and no. There was, indeed, a flourishing school of misgynists
 in mediaeval Europe. However: a reading of Malory's Le Morte
 D'Arthur would clear that up. Rapes were _not_ a matter of
 feminine wiles  >>

I cannot say that i have enough knowledge of history to say what the view on
rape was during the time in question.  However, I believe the original post
from Sue is partly based on some beliefs that *do* exist today.  No, rape is
NOT  a matter of feminine wiles.  That does not mean that the excuse has not
been used.  There was a case a couple years back where a high school boy raped
a classmate & said she was asking for it because she wore a miniskirt to
school that day.  The judge held the boy to be not guilty (needless to say
lost his reelection the next year).

I think the point of her post was that that could be used as an excuse, not
that that is what actually happened.  I can easily see in a society where
women were second-class people to begin with, thus needing chaperones, wards,
one who was misogynistic could use that to justify his misdeeds, or at least
try to.

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