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Re: A thought! (fwd)

Poster: marybeth lavrakas <Marybeth_Lavrakas@med.unc.edu>

I've only been skimming thru my messages tody, so I hope I don't repeat
something that's already been posted.

About rape in period...very complicated situation.views.  In England,
for example, rape could not be claimed unless the woman YELLED or
otherwise raised a cry for help.  And(I think this was a pan-european
view) if a pregnancy occurred then what had happened would not be
considered a rape (except by the woman, of course) because a woman had
to have 'enjoyed' it in order to get pregnant (according to medieval
medical ideas...).  There's a fairly recent book by Tudor historian A.
Fletcher that deals with some of this (again, I am left wondering *why*
I don't just bring my bibliography into work with me, as I'm always
checking my email here and not at home!)

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