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Re: Greetings Heralds

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@Radix.Net>


> Poster: Mark Mettler <mettler@bulloch.com>
> Hail and well met!
> I am Gryffri de Newmarch of Meridies at your southern border.  I am from
> the Shire Forth Castle, pursuviant herald of the college.
> http://www2/gasou.edu/SCA .  I send most valiant greetings and
> salutations to you all.
> I submit an inquiry of the Heralds:  Does anyone have the most recent
> Heraldic submission forms in a PDF or Word or Word Perfect Format?  If
> so please e-mail me.
Pennon might be able to provide the Meridien forms in PDF format, but
you should ask him directly. I know that I provided the generic (Brobnagian
College of Heralds) forms to him in MacDraw format for him to work from. 


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