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Re: Castle Trash, indeed!

Poster: "William T. Fleming" <gorp@erols.com>

> Actually, we were working on a similar list here. 
> You're a SCAdian redneck if:
> *Your pavilion is "safety orange"
> *You greet people with "Howdy, Milord".
> *More than 40% of your armor is from a defunct yard appliance.
> *You oil said armor with WD-40.
> *Your coat of arms has Calvin peeing on a number.
> *Your battle flag has "NASCAR" anywhere on it......
> Anyone else? 
> And now back to your regularly scheduled insanity!
> Kaitlyn

I'm game...

You're a SCAdian redneck if:
*Your coronet has to be enlarged to fit over your cowboy hat.
*Your armor is padded with old beer can holders.
*You feel compelled to cry out "The South will rise again!" during the
 resurection battle at the Kingdoms' Crusade.
*You begin line dancing to "Gathering Peascods".
*The abandoned truck in your back yard has a "Pensic or Bust!" sign in
 the window.

Tag, you're It.

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