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FW: [sca-archery]: SCA archery peerage

Poster: krztina@mindspring.com

Something to think about eh?

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Subject: [sca-archery]: SCA archery peerage

When this subject lastcame up, I hunted through my olde files and dusted off
this draft and made some minor changes. It is kind of an end run
around the idea of an SCA Archery Peerage.



DRAFT (4/23/99)

           A brief Proposal for a SCA wide archery order

	For a longtime now there has been discussion of Society wide
recognition for the skill of archery, both target and combat.  The
creation of an archery peerage or the admission of archers to the Order
of the Laurel has been suggested as a means of providing this
recognition.  It seems most unlikely that the B.O.D. will create an
archery peerage at any time in the foreseeable future having already
turned it down.  And the O.L. still seems reluctant to accept
archers for their skill in shooting, rather than just for their ability
to craft the gear used in archery.

Most of the kingdoms already have their own archery orders, with some of
the orders an Award or Grant of Arms is given as well.  But there is no
Society wide order  recognizing outstanding skill in archery, as  the
Order of Chivalry does tourney combat, the O.L.  excellence in Arts and
Sciences, or the O.P. rewards service.

The fencers of the SCA are slowly moving toward a possible Society wide
order, with the Order of the White Scarf.  This was founded in Ansteorra
and has been put in place in other kingdoms as well.

It would seem that a somewhat similar solution could be found for the
archers.  A grand company or fellowship of archers could be created
consisting of all the kingdom orders.  Each kingdom order would retain its
own name, device, standards and interests, etc.  This would not  be an
attempt to replace existing archery orders with a new order,  but to only
create a larger(parent) order of which they would be the active members.
member of a kingdom order would also be a member of the Society
order(company/fellowship).  This grand company's main purpose would be to
provide a means of society wide recognition of those skilled in archery and
to encourage the mutual fellowship of archers in all kingdoms and to
communication between the kingdom orders, so that knowledge may be shared

Members of all the kingdom archery orders would be granted membership and
allowed to wear the badge of the grand company if they should so wish.

As it stands now there are many kingdoms with many archery orders and
devices/badges. And an archer from the East may not know the orders in
the West and an archer from Caid may not know the orders in Atalantia. An
SCA wide badge/device would allow archers and non archers to identify a
member of the order no matter what kingdom they are from.

This would give SCA wide recognition to the top archers of all the
kingdoms and help to build the idea that archery is more than just of local
interest. Such an grand company could help to establish the basis for
a SCA archery peerage, if conditions should ever be favorable in the future.

Once a name and badge were to pass the heralds (It need not pass as an
order, it could be a household, company, fellowship, etc. )  it would be
made available to all the kingdom archery orders.  It would not bring
with it any Peerage, Grant or Award.  But, its members would be
recognized as deserving such rank by their kingdoms for their excellence
in the skills of archery.  The creation of, or membership in, such an
order would not preclude continued efforts to achieve Peerage status for
archery with a Laurel or a new peerage order for outstanding archers.

I have considered registering a household badge for this purpose. If the
idea does not work out, I will still have a household badge with an
archery motif. If it does, then the members of this interkingdom
household would be all those that have received their own kingdom's top
award for archery or missile combat, if they wish to consider themselves

part of the company and to wear the badge.

Please pass this proposal on to other archers and discuss it with them.
I would greatly appreciate any thoughts that you may have on this idea,
in order to determine if it might be practical.  Also any information you
can send me on archery orders in your kingdom would be of great use.

Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf,  O.L., O.P., Royal Company of Archerys, Royal Company
of Yeomen, West.



As an example of many not knowing the awards in other kingdoms, The RCA
is a grant award for target archery and the RCY is a grant award for
missile combat in the West.

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