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Re: Childrens Combat

Poster: Chindora@aol.com

Greetings   :)

I am recently from Trimaris and my husband is from East Kingdom.  In 
Trimaris, they did not do a whole lot with Boffer weapons, but in East 
Kingdom, at least with the people he played with, it was an art form in and 
of itself.  They did not treat it as a child's sport, using it as an 
alternative to heavy weapons combat, and indeed a lot of them are also heavy 
fighters using it as a form of auxilliary training.  I realize that there are 
people who look down on this, feeling that it is inferior to true heavies.  
Everyone is entitled to their opinions.   I personally love the speed and 
agility that I have seen demonstrated in boffer engagements.    As to working 
with children....my husband is training a whole army of neighborhood kids 
here in our corner of Marinus.  These kids were sitting around in front yards 
trading Pokemon cards, or staying inside to play computer games or watch tv.  
One afternoon my beloved and another adult friend were out in the front yard 
having a friendly match, and the kids all drifted down to our house to watch. 
 Naturally they all wanted their turn.  Before the evening was too far gone, 
he had worked with each one of them.  They are over here on a regular basis 
working on techniques and using up some of that irrepressible energy that 
children are in such a ridiculous abundance of.   They are learning more than 
just the form of physical combat though.  The other morning at the bus stop I 
heard a minor altercation going on over <of course> a Pokemon card, and I 
heard a shrill voice pipe up and say, "Hey! that's not chivalrous!!!"

If anyone wants to get something going on a more regular basis I know where 
you could find at least one person that would gladly help in whatever way he 
could.   Get in touch and let us know.

In Service to this generation and the next,

Jane Devereux
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