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Re: Courtesy and Honor in SCA

Poster: "Bryan S. McDaniel" <kestrel@hawk.org>

> >In the past year and a half since I joined the SCA, I have seen backbiting, 
> >name-calling, political maneuvering and downright vicious/malicious behavior 
> >the likes of which would make most soap opera divas cringe.  (And doubtless I 
> >will be the subject of many such attacks once word of this post gets around.) 
> > No, I don't know why I'm still in it if it's =That Bad=.  I renewed last 
> >fall with the expectation/hope that it would get better.  Instead, it has 
> >gotten worse.  So I am going to allow my membership to lapse after this year.
>   You find this in more than just the SCA.  I have found it in most
> fandom organizations that I have joined.  It is just one of those
> things.   There is no excuse for it.
> Achbar
In over 2000 years of recorded history Human nature has not
changed one bit.  

There are groups of people who are wonderful to be around
and helpful and friendly.  Don't give up.  You will find them.

The politics that you encountered are an unfortunate
aspect of the mundane world that has found its way
into ours.

If you can, ignore the backbiting and politics.  They will
destroy themselves in time.

Enjoy yourself and do what you got into the SCA
to do.  You will find others in time who have the same
interests and hopefully are not petty.

There are many people who live chivalry.  You will
meet them from time to time.

>From another list I got these points of Chivalry.
Largess-being generous as your resources allow.
Franchise: do things because they are right not what they benefit 
Prowess: to try to excellence in all endeavors.
Justice: which must include mercy.
Loyalty: Committed to the people and your ideals.
Defense: defend your lord, liege, kingdom, clan and country.
Courage: Both in act and in regards for truth.
Faith: Keep faith with your core beliefs.
Humility: Praise other people's accomplishments before telling your 
war stories.

Take care and have fun.

Kestrel of Wales

Dilestair fid dy hynt, ac ni rusia ddim rhagot.

Bryan S. McDaniel      SCA aka Kestrel of Wales    http://kestrel.hawk.org
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