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Re: Reversible Garb and Beak-Doctors

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> Poster: RowenRhys@aol.com
> ::peaking her head back in the door of the tavern::
> I have 2 questions to change the subject: (well kind of)
> 1.  Most of the garb that I make now is reversible...Is this a period
> practice?  And how would such garb fair if entered into a competition?  Would
> it be looked upon as a negative aspect?

I've only done that once many years ago.  I couldn't document it, but my whole
idea was trying to be creative to see how fancy I could get and still make it
reversible.  I explained that to the Laurel who judged it who apparently had no
interest in anyone trying to be creative.  At that point I decided competitions
were not for me, and have not entered one since.  It was just a bad experience
all 'round.  Then again, I'm not in the SCA to win contests.  I like to do my
bit as a scribe, and learn what I can, but I'm not interested in having someone
at my elbow telling me what's wrong with my garb/scrolls/persona research.  I do
my best, and if I see someone who knows stuff I want to learn, I ask them
questions, get a list of books, and go to work on it on my own. U0f A classes
are nice as well.

Just my mileage....yours may vary and things may have changed.


> 2.  What exactly is a beak-doctor?  I know that it is associated with the
> Plague in some way and I have a picture of one...but when my students ask
> about it I want to be able to inform them.
> In service,
> Rowen ferch Rhys
> (who is actually on her way to Kentucky right now)

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