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Re: Glorious day for films.


Do you mean that it's actually going to be live-action and not animated???!!!
There is a God!
How about Patrick Stewart for Gandalf.  He is a member of the Royal
Society, and pretty versatile. Or maybe Max Von Sydow? Or Alec Guinness?
James Earl Jones (what a voice!!)  Kenneth Branaugh?
There are a lot of good ones out there.
Now, who'll play Gollum??
Hopefully, whatever they do, it will be with a strong medieval flare and
not heavy on the fantasy element.
I believe that the Professor would have preferred it that way.  He was
trying to recreate the medieval
romance anyway, wasn't he??


I think we have a winner!  Max Von Sydow!  Of course!  I think Connery would make an excellent Theoden- you can see him as having been a strong king who has aged.  Kenneth Branaugh...how about Grimma Wormtongue...?  I suppose he's not spare enough, though.....Gollum......David Bowie, perhaps?  His looks are certainly unusual enough for starters.....I can see him starting out just fine and becoming the corrupt Gollum.